Logging into a Comcast Modem (Default Log Ins)
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These are default usernames and passwords.

Open an internet browser and enter the IP of the Comcast modem. Try one of the following addresses to access the modem. Please note you may need to connected to the modem directly when trying to access it.

Once prompted for a username and password use one of the following:



root root
admin motorola
admin w2402
cusadmin highspeed
<blank> icu4at!


The following list is manufacture and model specific.

Brannd & Model

IP Address



Arris CM820A <blank> <blank>
Arris TG862G (IMS/NCS) admin password
Arris TM402G (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM402P (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM502G (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM504G (IMS/NCS/SIP) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM508A (NCS/SIP) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM602G (IMS/NCS/SIP) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM604G (IMS/NCS/SIP) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM608G (NCS/SIP) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM702G (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM722G (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Arris TM822G (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Cisco DPC3000 <blank> <blank>
Cisco DPC3008 <blank> <blank>
Cisco DPC3939 admin password
D-Link DCM202 dlink dlink
D-Link DCM202 (Comcast firmware) admin hitron
Motorola SB5100 <blank> <blank>
Motorola SB5101 <blank> <blank>
Motorola SB5101U <blank> <blank>
Motorola SB5120 <blank> <blank>
Motorola SB6121 <blank> <blank>
Motorola SB6141 <blank> <blank>
Motorola SBG6580 admin motorola
Motorola SBG6782AC admin motorola
Motorola SBG901 admin motorola
Netgear CG3000DCR cusadmin highspeed
Netgear CG814CCR-V2 <blank> <blank>
Netgear CMD31T admin password
SMCNetworks SMCD3G-CCR cusadmin highspeed
SMCNetworks SMCD3GNV (IMS/NCS) admin password
Technicolor TC8305C (IMS) admin password
Thomson DHG536 (IMS/NCS) <blank> <blank>
Ubee DDM3503 user user
Ubee DDM3503 admin cableroot
Ubee DDM3513 user user
Ubee DDM3513 admin cableroot
Ubee DVM3203B (IMS/NCS) admin cableroot
Ubee U10C018 admin cableroot
Ubee U10C035 user user
Zoom Telephonics 5241 admin cable
Zoom Telephonics 5341(G/H) <blank> <blank>
Zoom Telephonics 5341(G/H) <blank> <blank>
Zoom Telephonics 5341J admin password
Zoom Telephonics 5341J admin password
Zoom Telephonics 5350 admin admin
ZyXEL BRG-35503 <blank> <blank>
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