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In an enhancement to the already popular Credit Limit feature which is part of 3NG's Fraud Protection Suite, Partners can temporarily increase a Customer calling Credit Limit to allow a burst of Long Distance or Toll Free usage without permanently leaving this higher than normal spending limit in place.


How it Works:

Credit Limits are used for two reasons. To protect your customer and yourself from compromised accounts that can runup a bill and to control accounts that might otherwise abuse of services. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that all customers have a credit limit. A best practice is to set the limit at three times their normal monthly cost as to protect from unusual circumstances and not interfere with daily calling. But what happens if they reach their limit? The system is design to stop services by blocking the account. This is a fail-safe, which will not allow the user to rank up a high bill. 

Now, in the customer record where the credit limit is set, a temporary credit limit increase can be set as well as the date to which the temporary credit will expire. Once the Valid Until date is reached, the limit is restored to the original value. This will help prevent permanent increases, as administrators may forget to change back any credit limit increases.


For Example:

You have a customer that sent in a check by mail, but for reasons unknown, it never made it to you or billing department. Now they are behind a payment and although they think that payment was sent and processed, their account is accumulating fees due to usage and before anyone knows it, the customer has reached their limit because the payment was never applied. Once the credit limit is reached, the customer's services will be blocked. This will mean they will be unable to use the service. This feature will allow for a temporary credit limit to be issued for a time period which allow the customer to continue using services while payment can be processed.

With a "Valid Until" date set, the temporary credit limit will expire on the date set by the administrator and the credit limit will once again be the limit before the temporary limit was applied. 


How to Use it:

1. Go to the customer record.

2. Go to the Payment Info tab.

3. Enter a dollar value in the temporary credit limit field.

4. Set a date in which the temporary credit limit should expire.

5. If needed, enter in a time on the date of the expiration.

6. Click Save or Save & Close at the top.

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