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DID Pin Code Requests - Incomplete
Posted by Christina Armesto, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 21 June 2023 11:32 AM

Resellers will request port out pin codes through phone calls, opening chats, and even opening tickets. 
Regardless of how they ask for the codes, we will never provide PIN Codes via phone calls or chats

We only ever report PIN Codes via tickets. 
All PIN Code requests must be completed via a ticket. 
This is so we have solid documentation and so the reseller has the convivence to review whenever needed. 

Ringlogix DID(s) typically have the same PIN Code for all DIDs with that specific carrier. 
This is NOT to be shared with our resellers. Our PIN Codes will also be updated and change ever couple of months. 

An updated list of our carriers PIN Codes will be provided to all LNP Team members whenever updated. 

Once a ticket is generated with the DIDs requested, we can begin searching for the PIN Codes. 

Step 1. Confirm which carrier the requested DID(s) are with. 
Step 2. Confirm the carrier PIN Code in your notes
Step 3. Respond to the ticket with status 'Closed'. 

A great way to end the ticket is words that are the same or similar to below. 


Going forward, this ticket will now proceed to close. 
If the port receives any further rejections please feel free to respond to this ticket or create a new ticket with the details of the rejection. 

Please note that any response to tickets will result in re-opening them.