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Staff Logins
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 21 August 2018 03:24 PM

Each Partner receives a master login at the time their White Label VoIP system is delivered. This is the main login and should not be shared with the rest of your staff.

Additional Staff members can be added with unique login credentials, specific access permissions and custom notification settings. Staff members can then login to the RingLogix App to perform daily operations like Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes.


Add a Staff member login

  1. Login to the RingLogix App.
  2. Click the down arrow next to your name on the top right of the browser.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click on the Staff tab.
  5. Click on the Add Staff button.
  6. Toggle the Access Permissions and Notification settings as needed.
  7. Click Save Changes.