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Porting Phone Numbers
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 01 September 2018 02:16 PM

The RingLogix porting system is an automated self-service LNP management tool that allows Partners to submit port request directly to our underlying carriers. By following our simple 3 step wizard you can transfer your customers numbers quickly and efficiently while reducing provider side paperwork and ticket follow ups.

Our managed LNP solution is a concierge service that increases port success rates and greatly decreases common issues with rejections due to informational mismatches. Should a common rejection for address or name mismatch occur our system will automatically attempt to retrieve the correct information via a CSR request and automatically update the order for you.

This article will walk you through the 3 steps for submitting a port request. Look for more information below on the typical life cycle of a port request


Submitting a Number Port.

  1. Login to the RingLogix App.
  2. Search and Select an existing Customer.
  3. Click the Phone Number link on the grey menu.
  4. Click the New Local LNP button.
  5. Step 1 Customer Info (Fig-1)
    • Current Carrier: Current provider that bills the service.
    • Customer Name: As printed on the invoice.
    • Authorized Contact: As printed on the invoice
    • Service Address: Usually as printed on the invoice.
    • Click Next.
  6. Step 2 Number Details (Fig-2a and Fig-2b)
    • Port Type: Select All or Some numbers. Click the (?) icon for more info.
    • Requested Due Date: Date you would like the numbers to port. This date is not guaranteed. Numbers will ultimately port on the date the losing carrier decides to release them.
    • Billing Telephone Number: Main number on the Account
    • Account Number: As printed on the invoice.
    • PIN: Only required for some mobile ports or accounts with security pins.
    • Numbers to Transfer: All the number to port on this order.
    • Click Next.
  7. Step 3 Review and Submit (Fig-3)
    • Check and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Click Submit.