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Add New Audio Conference Group or Room
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 24 April 2019 06:57 PM
Audio Conferencing services allow your clients to have multi member-phone conferences anywhere anytime.

To deliver this service you start by creating a "Conference Group". This is where you will create all the needed "Rooms" (aka "bridges"). Most customers just need one group but large customers with many rooms and many departments can have multiple groups for better tracking and management.

The billing for each room is then tracked within its parent group.

Create a Conference Group & Room
  1. Add or Search for an existing customer.
  2. Click the Conferencing link on the grey menu.
  3. Click Add Conference Group.
  4. Complete the form details.
    • Group Name: For example: "Sales" or "Management".
    • Plan: Select the minute plan. Usually a per minute plan.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. A popup will now ask if you "want to create a room". Click Yes.
  7. Enter the Room Name (for example "Johns Room")
  8. Complete the rest of the room settings and click Save Changes.
*Note: Most conference services are sold as a metered solution and on a per minute / per participant basis. Therefore, you usually do NOT add a subscription to a conference group service. However, if you are selling any conference plans that include a bundle of minutes you would then likely add a subscription as needed. Please contact support if you need help with this.

View or Add Conference Rooms (aka "bridges")
  1. Add or Search for an existing customer.
  2. Click the Conferencing link on the grey menu.
  3. To View Rooms click the view rooms icon for any conference group service.
    • On the popup window you can view and edit room by clicking the settings icon.
  4. to Add Rooms click the add rooms icon for any conference group service and complete the form.
  5. Click Save Changes.

In Conference Features

While participating in a conference call certain in conference features are available. To hear the list of features dial * and an IVR will play them for you.

*  = Plays the list of available features and allows dialing a feature code.
1 = Mute and un-mute self
2 = Decrease talking volume
3 = Increase talking volume
4 = Eject last entered participant (admin/moderator only)
5 = Decrease conference volume
6 = Increase conference volume
7 = Lock and unlock the conference (admin/moderator only)
0 = Enter the moderators menu (admin/moderator only)

If entering the moderators menu

1 = Mute all 
2 = Play participant count
4 = Eject all
*  = Exit