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Dialing into a Conference Room
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 24 April 2019 06:56 PM
Conference rooms can be accessed internally by using a star code or externally by using a phone number.

  • Hosted PBX Extension: Dial *2663 (*conf) from any phone
  • ATA/Gateway on a SIP Trunk: Dial *2663. Some gateways may require that a dial pattern for *2663 be added.
  • IP PBX on a SIP Trunk: Create an outbound route for *2663 and route the call out the trunk.
  • Externally via a Phone Number: Activate a phone number for the customer. Select the 'Advanced' routing method, set the action to 'Other' and enter "*2663" in the destination.

In Conference Features

While participating in a conference call certain in conference features are available. To hear the list of features dial * and an IVR will play them for you.

*  = Plays the list of available features and allows dialing a feature code.
1 = Mute and un-mute self
2 = Decrease talking volume
3 = Increase talking volume
4 = Eject last entered participant (admin/moderator only)
5 = Decrease conference volume
6 = Increase conference volume
7 = Lock and unlock the conference (admin/moderator only)
0 = Enter the moderators menu (admin/moderator only)

If entering the moderators menu

1 = Mute all 
2 = Play participant count
4 = Eject all
*  = Exit