Cradle to Grave Overview
Posted by Marlon Sibrian, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 21 June 2023 11:37 AM

The Cradle to Grave feature is an extension of the existing Call Trace functionality that allows more users to troubleshoot issues by presenting high level info in plain English.

The Call Trace is a comprehensive listing of all technician information captured during a call. While this is useful for isolating problems, it's also more information than non-technical user generally needs. By presenting the Cradle to Grave information, non-technical users are empowered to see where a call may be failing and be able to fix or report the issue without escalating the issue.

If needed, the full Call Trace information is available by pressing the View SIP Flow button.


View Cradle to Grave Information

To observe the Cradle to Grave information, log into the Portal (with a scope of or higher than Call Center Supervisor) and navigate to the Call History.

Click the icon to see the Cradle to Grave information for the specific call:

If more information is needed, click the View SIP Flow button for a full trace.