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HTML-Based Invoice Templates
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 23 September 2023 11:24 PM

The RingOS billing platform offer Partners modern invoice templates that are highly branded and easy to read.

With options ranging from color matching, to subscription and usage layouts, your sure to deliver your customers a pleasant invoicing experience with the information presented the way they prefer to see it. 

The samples below are based on our demo brand called Bevox.

Some Important Details about Invoice Templates

- Invoices templates have 2 main page types which include the cover page and the information pages. Each are described below.

- Invoice templates are assigned to Customer Classes which are then assigned to Customer records.

- While most partners operate with a single customer class and invoice template, you may create an unlimited amount of classes with an equally unlimited amount of invoice variations that you pick and choose when assigning to customers.

- RingOS 2.0 invoice templates are created using HTML. Adjustments outside the options listed below are possible but may require a manual review and a nominal project fee.

The Cover Page

All invoice templates have the same first page which we call the cover page. Here you'll find several large data blocks with sub-totals and other important information about the invoice.

The Information Pages

After the cover page are the information pages. Here is where all the invoice details about subscriptions, taxes, payments and other charges are presented.

An invoice may have 1 or several information pages depending on how many transactions they have and the features selected.

There are 2 core features you can manage on these pages; how to layout subscriptions and whether or not to show a usage summary by country.

Subscription Layout Options

Grouped - With this option all subscriptions across all services, with the same name, are grouped together and presented as a single line item with a subtotal. For example, if an invoice has 5 PBX users with the same subscriptions it will be presented as 'Qty - Name - Period - Subtotal'. This option offers the shortest presentation for most customers and tends to be favored with most Partners.

Itemized - With this option all subscriptions for all services are shown individually. For example, if an invoice has 5 PBX users with the same subscription each user will be listed with its own subscription(s) and total. This option results in the longest invoices, but offers granular details about each subscription assigned to each service.

Usage by Country Summary

The Usage subtotal is presented on the cover page and included in the total due amount. Further, call records are available on-demand via the customer portal and can automatically be attached as a csv during invoice delivery.

Further, partners have the option to toggle on or off an additional "Usage by Country" summary block on the information pages.

Requesting a New Invoice Template.

1. Contact our billing support team to start your request.
2. Please include these details in your request.
     a. Logo: Default is main branding logo. Any high quality png or jpeg can be used.
     b. Color: Default is main branding color. Any #hex value is supported.

     c. Subscription Type: Itemized or Grouped
     d. Show Usage by Country Summary: Yes or No

After the invoice template is customized per your request, the support agent will share a preview generated by the billing system and apply for future use.