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3. TeamMate Enterprise Provisioning
Posted by Wayne Landt, Last modified by Luis Espinoza on 20 June 2024 08:49 PM

Enterprise Provisioning

Once the Reseller's account has been activated via the e-mail received when the account was created, the first screen shown after login will be "Enterprises", in this screen Resellers are allowed to create new Enterprises (Companies with MS Teams end users) and also invite the enterprises Microsoft Global Administrators to accept the connection to the Teammate service and the require permissions to link their existing MS Teams service with TeamMate.

After clicking "Add Enterprise" the following screen will be shown

On this screen you must enter the following information :

- Enterprise Name, the name of the enterprise
- Enterprise Admin Email ID, e-mail address of the Microsoft Global Administrator for the enterprise, this is where an the invitation e-mail will be sent.
- User Limit (optional), Number of team users that can be configured for this Enterprise, this value will be checked before adding a new user, i could be left blank.
- PBX Music on Hold, When selected, TeamMate calls put on hold will playback the MOH configured in the PBX Dashboard, if it's not selected held calls will play the TeamMate built-in MOH which is not customizable.
- Access SIP Data, if you select this checkbox the Microsoft Enterprise Admin will have access to the CDRs.
- Request Consent for Enterprise Management, if you select this option, the Microsoft Enterprise Administrator will be presented with an option to “Grant Consent” for the Reseller to perform Enterprise Provisioning actions which at first were only available to the MS Enterprise Admin, it is useful when the reseller will be the one doing changes in the TeamMate portal instead of the Microsoft Global Account Administrator.
- SBC Region, Select the SBC Region(s) to link to MS Teams. Best practice is to choose the one geographically closest to the Enterprise.
- Services, The services the Enterprise will use, those could be PBX and Trunk

After selecting the services to be used a new option called "PBX Type" will be shown, just move "Ringlogix" to the "Assigned PBX Types" as showed in the following screenshot.

Once you have entered all the information, click "Submit", in a few seconds an e-mail will be sent to the Microsoft Global Administrator with the following information.

The Administrator must copy the Invitation Code and click Complete, after it the administrator will be asked to login with their Microsoft credentials to grant a series of permissions allowing the Team Mate products to interoperate with their MS Account, during that process the following popup will be shown

Check “Consent on behalf of your organization” and then click “Accept”. For more information about the requested Microsoft permissions please check the following link :

After the initial set of permissions have been granted the Microsoft Global Admin will be prompted to log in again to grant a second set of application permissions as shown in the following screenshots

Click "Accept", it
 completes the setup of the new Enterprise.
For more details on permissions please check the following link:

Once the Enterprise has been created if you want to Edit, Disable or resend the invitation e-mail to the Microsoft Enterprise Admin click the three dots in the “Action” column and select the option you want.

Here is a video with additional information about New Enterprise provisioning