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4. TeamMate - Setting Up Direct Routing
Posted by Wayne Landt, Last modified by Luis Espinoza on 25 June 2024 12:04 PM

Set Up Direct Routing

Ensure you have the correct Microsoft Office licensing, you will need to have at least 1 available unassigned user license with the "PHONE SYSTEM" or comparable add-on that allows you to use Direct Routing.

The Microsoft Teams Phone Standard can be found here :
To find more information about Microsoft licensing requirements check the following link :

In the TeamMate portal available licenses will be displayed on the Direct Routing page (Enterprise -> Direct Routing).

  • Under set up Direct Routing Details, select the desired Gateway.

  • Paste the invitation code from the email received by the Microsoft Administrator.

  • Then click the Complete Direct Routing

  • The team mate portal will verify the MS Tenant and will request to complete the Direct Routing setup.

Note: This process will create a log in the activity feed.

Direct Routing provisioning will take a few minutes to process, refresh the page after 2-3 minutes to check the progress.

When the Direct Routing setup is complete, an email will be sent to the address used during creation of the Enterprise account. In addition to the confirmation, this email will provide instructions on continuing to the PBX Setting and User Management.

On the Enterprise portal dashboard, your Direct Routing Connection Status will be displayed as complete.

If the Direct Routing provisioning has been in progress for over an hour but is not completing the dashboard will look like this:

This sometimes happens if Microsoft's servers are experiencing heavier traffic than usual. The process times out halfway through and then gets stuck, if that happens please o
pen a ticket with Ringlogix so we can un-freeze the process.

Once we do, in the "Direct Routing" page there will be a menu showing "In Progress Direct Routing Details", click "Finish". 
After that if the Direct Routing provisioning still does not complete please update the previous ticket for us to investigate further.

Configuring a Secondary Route

It is possible to configure a secondary route for redundancy, each route will target a different TeamMate Gateway.

Check the following link for full instructions and details about how it can be done:

Note: Adding an additional Direct Route will consume a second Microsoft license therefore you will need to make sure a license is available for this.
To re-use the same license from the first direct route please check the following article:

The setup process for the additional direct route will be the same as the initial Direct Route. 

Once you have finished with Direct Route Provisioning do  not forget to recover your licenses using the Microsoft Admin Center (

Here you have a video with additional details about Direct Routing Configuration