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5. TeamMate PBX Setup
Posted by Wayne Landt, Last modified by Luis Espinoza on 20 June 2024 08:50 PM

PBX Setup

Once Direct Routing is established the next step is to add one or more PBXes, a PBX is  where the SIP configuration is defined in order to achieve SIP Registration.
To add a PBX, login to the TeamMate Portal

Then select the Enterprise by clicking over the "Enterprise Name" and select the "PBX" menu option from the sidebar

Click on "Add PBX" to open the new PBX provisioning page, the following screenshot shows an example of the information required to complete the new PBX provisioning.

- PBX Type, select "Ringlogix".
- PBX Location, the location of the PBX, you can use a generic name if you have only one PBX. For multiple PBXes would be best to use an accurate PBX location name ( City , State), allowing each PBX to be clearly identified.
- PBX DNS Lookup type, select "SRV"
- PBX Outbound Transport Type, Select “TCP”
- PBX SIP Domain, enter [Your_Domain], for example, if you domain is 112233 the value to be entered will be “”
- PBX SIP Domain Proxy, enter
- Voicemail Feature Code, 5001
- Codecs, select the following codecs in the same order : G722, G711 U-law, G711 A-law, G.729
- Topology Hiding, you can leave it unchecked, when checked reduces the information included in the SIP Via Headers and Record-Route
- Caller Name Policy, leave it as default “Use Teams Policy”

Once completed click on "Save Settings"

Here there is a video showing a generic PBX Creation, to run in fully compatibility mode use the defaults values recommended above