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6. Teammate - Adding New Users
Posted by Wayne Landt, Last modified by Luis Espinoza on 25 June 2024 05:25 PM

Adding Users

After selecting the Enterprise you want to work with navigate to the "Users" tab and click "Add User" in the upper right-hand corner

It will open the users provisioning page, the following screenshot shows an example of the information required to complete the new User provisioning..

- PBX Locations, from the dropdown select the PBX to which the new user belongs to

- Available Voice Routes, select a voice route from the dropdown, the best practice is to choose the one which is closer to the user's geographical location.

- User tag, an optional nickname to tag a user which allows quick searches and it could be included in custom reports.

- Teams User, from the dropdown select an existing user from your Microsoft Account, keep in mind that only users with the Microsoft “Phone System” license or equivalent will be included in the dropdown, if you cannot find a specific user the most likely cause is that it does not have a valid license.

- SIP User, this is the Address of Record of the PBX user, It will be concatenated with the SIP Domain you entered in the PBX Set Up.
   For example if the user is “216a” and your SIP PBX Domain is “” the Address of Record produced will be
- Phone Number, enter a valid Phone Number
- Disable Voicemail in Teams, when checked this option will disable Microsoft’s voicemail feature allowing the PBX’s voicemail to take precedence.
- Caller Name Policy - Leave it as default (Transparent)
- Assign Default DialPlan Policy - Leave it unchecked
- SIP Authentication ID. Enter the SIP Authentication ID, it will be the same as the SIP User (in our example it is “216a”)
- Enter the SIP Password twice to confirm, you can obtain this value from the PBX Dashboard.
- End User Portal Login Information. Leave these fields blank.

Finally click "Save User"

If the user(s) was/were added by anyone other than the Microsoft Global Admin an additional step is required, the Enterprise Global Admin must log in and click the “Sync Teams Users” button on the dashboard to commit all changes. The “Sync Teams Users” will only be displayed when users were provisioned by the Reseller and it must be confirmed by the Microsoft Enterprise Global Admin.
The Reseller can be granted the consent by the Microsoft Enterprise Admin to allow Users synchronization, for more details see the following link

After you have successfully added a new user, the following e-mail will be received by the Microsoft Enterprise Global Admin

Provisioning of a new user usually takes between 10 seconds and 60 seconds but it can take longer depending on Microsoft load and delays, if you want to know more about Microsoft Slow Propagation please check the following article :

Once the user has successfully registered to the PBX, it will be shown in the EPP Dashboard as shown in the following screenshot

The icons will change to green, the PBX Registration will show a check mark and there will be a timestamp indicating the time of the last SIP Registration sequence.

It is important to indicate that in the  Users section of the Enterprise dashboard, each user has 4 status icons which could be either green or red.

From left to right they indicate the following:

- Microsoft User license assigned to the user.
- Microsoft Phone System or comparable add-on license assigned.
- If the Phone System has been provisioned or not.
- MS Teams Calling activation status.

If there is a fifth icon, a red “D”, check the following link for instructions about how to fix it

Here a video about adding new users and how to execute a Bulk Upload