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Release Notes: RingOS 2.1.X
Posted by Wayne Landt, Last modified by Wayne Landt on 08 April 2024 02:46 PM

2.1.10 - March 8, 24
Modified Detailed Invoice Report to provide field for sales representative

2.1.9 - March 6, 24
Fixed issue related to Make a Payment using check

2.1.8 - February 28, 24

Fixed URL for Automated LNP Updates

Fixed Quote > Unable to save updates to a quote ("Error has occured in post data to server.") 

Extended ACH character limits

PBX's System Add-ons subscription issue

Fixed ability to create updates to Low balance warning

Fixed Fax Trunks Showing Offline Status

Fixed creating of Answering Rules  when creating users in Hosted PBX - Advanced view

Updates to Billing Info Layout 

Fixed issue unable to terminate customers

The following are release notes for RingOS 2.1.X releases.

2.1.7 - January 24, 24

Feature allow 6-digit user extensions

2.1.6 - January 3, 24

Fix Billing > Call Records shows the UTC not the local time (Eastern Standard Time)

Fix Issue with Quote # 56431

Fix Quote > Quantities are incorrect

2.1.5 - December 14, 23

Fix Numbers > Number search failing

Fix customers ability to enter credit card information even with the type 'Not Set'

Fix Unable to edit the FAX 2 Email Configuration tab

Remove the required field for Fax Number

2.1.4 - November 30, 23

Fix UI no access to Fail Over settings and SIP Password when logged-in as customer

Fix Quote > Incorrect QTY is displayed for System subscription in 'Review and Deliver' tab

Fix RingOS Rest Password API call not working

2.1.3 - November 22, 23

Fix system prompt for "Making a payment page"

Fix Hosted PBX > Users > Edit - No subscriptions found

2.1.2 - November 3, 23

Add pricing in Plan description for T38 Fax service

Fix Sales Quote UI Layout

2.1.1 - October 13, 23

Feature improvement, added an additional line to the system add-ons section when adding new subscription

Feature improvement, made BCC not required

Fix validation for customer info in settings

Fix reseller email for notifications not showing under certain conditions

Fix inaccurate owed balance amount

Fix customer option display issue

Fix ACH payment method

Fix name fields for Authorized Contact

Fix open DID settings

Feature improvement,  show active services broken down by subscription

Fix state display in favor of full state instead of abbreviations

Fix error making payment with alternate card