10DLC - Assign Numbers to a Campaign
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 08 June 2024 03:14 AM

Note: A campaign must be in "Approved" status before you can assign a number to it. Assigning numbers before a campaign is completely approved could cause errors later on.


Once a campaign is "Approved," you can start assigning messaging numbers to it. These numbers will be registered with the TCR and authorized to send outbound messages on behalf of the brand and for the purposes listed in the campaign.

To avoid pooling fees, you can currently assign up to 49 numbers per campaign. Assigning more than 49 numbers to a single campaign subjects it to T-Mobile's Number Pool Configuration Request Fee of $2,000 NRC, plus an additional Number Pool Processing Fee, typically around $100 NRC but varies per carrier. These fees are direct pass-throughs with no markup from RingLogix. Currently, the >49 number campaign configuration is not supported via the portal. If needed, please contact the Partner Success Team for assistance.

If more than 49 numbers are required for a single customer, consider running multiple campaigns. This approach is more economical than the carrier fees listed above and reduces the risk of violating a campaign's use case, which could result in message blocking by upstream providers. For example, if a brand has multiple locations or departments, creating a campaign per group tailored to their specific use case is often the best solution.

Please note that if a campaign is blocked by the TCR, all outbound messages from the assigned numbers will fail. Upstream providers do not provide error messages in such cases, accepting the messages as if they were delivered. If this occurs, please check the campaign status in the RingOS portal and contact support for assistance.

1. Open a customer, go to the Numbers service page and ensure that SMS is enabled for any number you want to assign to a campaign. Only numbers with SMS enabled are eligible to assign to a campaign.

2. Next click the 10DLC service icon.

3. Select the Campaign tab and click the edit icon next to the campaign you want to manage.

4. Go to the Numbers tab and click the Manage Numbers button.

5. Eligible numbers that are not assigned to that or any campaign, will appear in clear unselected boxes. Selecting a number will highlight that number in your apps accent color.

6. Once complete, click Save.

To remove a number from a campaign, perform the same steps, unselect the number and click save.

To move a number to another campaign first remove it from the existing campaign, then proceed to assign it to the new campaign.

Note: If a campaign is ever blocked by the TCR all numbers on the campaign will be affected and i

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