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Add or Edit a Other Services
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 11 June 2024 12:43 AM

With the introduction of the Other Services billing module, RingLogix's RingOS platform empowers partners to bill for any service they offer, regardless of its nature or origin. Whether it's IT retainers, a la carte services, licenses, rentals, or any other service, the platform provides full subscription management, invoicing, and payment processing. Its design is simple yet flexible, accommodating a wide range of billing scenarios. A wide set of optional fields allow partners to track additional details like external service IDs, descriptions, notes, and individual user information. There’s no limit to the number of other services or subscriptions you can add for a customer.

Watch the animated GIF below and to see how easy it is to add subscriptions for different use cases to an other service record.

See the detailed instructions below.

Adding an Other Service

1. Open a customer and click the "Other Services" icon.

2. Click Activate or the Add New button as applies.

3. Input an Internal Service ID. This is any ID you wish to use to track this service. It can be any combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Note that the internal service ID will be presented on the customers invoice when itemizing its subscriptions. You may chose to match the external service ID if related to an external service.

4. Input an External Service ID if this is related to a 3rd party service on another platform that you would like to track or relate to in reports.

5. If the service you are adding is intended for a specific user within a customer (not related to the Hosted PBX solution at all), you may use the optional User Info fields. These fields are for internal tracking only and do not print on the invoice.

6. Next you have optional Description and Note fields. These are there for your convenience and you may use them in any way you want.

7. Last you will assign the Subscriptions to this service and select a Start Date. To add multiple subscriptions click the + button as many times as needed.

8. Once complete, click Save.

NOTE: Our Quoting application offers full support for the new Others Services module.

Edit an Other Service

1. Open a customer and click the "Other Services" icon.

2. Find the service you want to edit and click the Gear Icon.

3. Adjust any informational fields or subscriptions as needed and click Save.