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7. TeamMate Redundancy Explained
Posted by Luis Espinoza, Last modified by Luis Espinoza on 28 June 2024 10:11 AM
When using the PBX Connector redundancy has to be implemented by Enterprise admins in two fronts, the Ringlogix PBX and the TeamMate Gateways

Ringlogix PBX Redundancy

To achieve effective redundancy the PBX Settings must be set with the following parameters

PBX DNS Lookup type: SRV
PBX SIP Domain Proxy :  (for our Dallas data center)
                                 (for our Miami data center)

SRV Redundancy

Once this configuration has been saved SRV redundancy will be enabled, it means if a user has any problem reaching one of our data centers it will be automatically switched to the next one, there will be no need for manual changes.

TeamMate Gateway Redundancy
As you know a Direct Route is a connection between Ringlogix and the Microsoft Platform, TeamMate has several gateways in different regions allowing Direct Route connections from the Enterprises you have control over.
To see the available gateways edit an Enterprise and go to "SBC Region", it will open a dropdown list with all the covered regions

If your Enterprise is connected to only one TeamMate Gateway it will not have redundancy, it means if that Gateway has a service affecting issue users from the Enterprise may not be able to make or receive calls, not even on-net calls, therefore is highly recommended to configure at least two Direct Routes for each Enterprise.
Keep in mind that you can reutilize the same licenses used to create the first direct route, there is no need to purchase additional licenses, to see how to re-use the same license please read the following article:

Once you have the available licenses you can proceed to setup a second direct route as explained in the following article:

Once completed your TeamMate connections will be fully redundant on both ends.