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Grandstream - Multicast Paging (Group Paging)
Posted by Jimmy Fuentes, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 28 April 2021 10:45 AM

The multicast paging feature allows the IP phones to send/receive Real-time Transport

Protocol (RTP) stream to/from the pre-configured multicast address(es) without involving

SIP signaling. You can specify up to 10 listening multicast addresses on IP phones.


For the phones to be able to send and receive multicast paging we need to do the following:

  • Receive Multicast - Add the listening address and port to receive a page.
  • Select a Codec - We will use the default Codec PCMU.
  • Send Multicast - We will add a Button (MPK or Multi-Purpose Key) to send a page.


Receiving Multicast Paging

  1. Log into the phone and go to Settings
  2. Select Multicast Paging from the dropdown menu
  3. Select if Paging Barge should be enabled or disabled - When enabled, during an active call, if an incoming multicast page is higher than this value, the call will be placed on hold and the multicast page will be played.
  4. Select if Paging Priority is Active - If enabled, during a multicast page, if another multicast is received with a higher priority, the higher priority will be played instead.
  5. Select Multicast Paging Codec - By default the system will use PCMU
  6. Add the Listening Address and Port with a label to identify.
    • Address range: to
    • Port range: 6767 - 6776
    • Example:
  7. Click Save and Apply
  8. Select Programable Keys to configure a Muilti-Purpose Key to send a multicast page.



Sending Multicast Paging

To configure a multicast paging key (This is to SEND the page) via web user interface go to Settings --> Programable Keys (Step 8): 

  1. Go to Multi-Purpose Keys and find a MPK (Multi-Purpose Key) to configure and enter a multicast paging address and port with a description in the Value field. 
    • Address range: to
    • Port range: 6767 - 6776
    • Example:
  2. Click Save and Apply.



Place a Multicast Paging Call

  1. Press the Multi-Purpose Key which was configured in the Sending Multicast instructions.
  2. The Multicast Paging Call will use the speaker phone, unless the handset is picked up.
  3. The Multicast Paging Call will call any phone configured to listen to the address configured in the Receiving Multicast instructions.
  4. Press the "End Call" softkey to end the Multicast Paging Call. ** IMPORTANT ** Hanging up the handset will not end the call.


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