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Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Gabe Olano on 28 August 2020 11:06 AM

RingLogix App

Traditionally known as an OSS/BSS (operation and billing support system), the RingLogix App is your unified portal for all customer, billing and service management operations. Each Partner receives a master login and can create additional Staff logins.

Customers, may also log into the RingLogix App to view invoices, call records, make payments and manage services.

All Staff and Customer logins have individual permissions and can subscribe to certain system notifications.

The RingLogix App is fully brandable allowing Partners to upload their own logo and change the color theme


RingLogix Address

White Labeled Address


Multi-Tenant PBX

Our multi-tenant PBX is accessible from the RingLogix App on a per customer basis. However, there is a dedicated login for the multi-tenant PBX that allows Partners, their Staff and even Customer to exclusively login to the PBX system. In this portal, only PBX functions are visible and there is no access to any of the RingLogix App functions.

This portal is useful for Staff with technical roles that only want to see active PBX’s and features.

It can also be used by Customer Extension Users who only need simple access to the PBX without viewing any of the RingLogix App functions.


RingLogix Address

White Labeled Address


*Note: Custom white labeled subdomains will are available. For example: Our custom white labeled subdomains will allow Partners to have a recognizable URL without having to maintain or pay for SSL certificates.