Add a Card on File to a Customer
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 06 September 2018 12:03 AM

Partners that have activated one of our credit card merchant integrations are able to accept credit card payments from their customers directly within the RingLogix App.

To accept a credit card payment, you must first add the customer’s card to their account. After a card is added it can be used to automatically pay their monthly invoices and for manual attempts whenever needed.


Adding a Card on File.

  1.        Login to the RingLogix App.
  2.        Search and Select an existing Customer.
  3.        Make sure you are in the Billing area.
  4.        Click Edit on the Credit Card on File section.
  5.        Complete the card details form.
  6.        Click Save.

*Note:See Platform Settings > Credit Card Integrations for more details on compatible merchants.