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Extension Numbering Ranges (Recommended)
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Gabe Olano on 01 February 2024 12:52 PM

Having a consistent numbering scheme for the extensions created within a customer PBX allows for easier turn-up and easier reference points when troubleshooting


For 3 digit Numbering

Number Range Feature/Function
100-199 Extensions
200-299 Extensions
300-399 Extensions
400-499 Call Queues
500-599 Call Queues
600-699 Conferences
700-799 Call Parks
800-899 Auto Attendants
900-999 Auto Attendants


For 4 digit Numbering

Number Range Feature/Function
1000-1999 Extensions
2000-2999 Extensions
3000-3999 Extensions
4000-4999 Call Queues
5002-5999 Call Queues
6000-6999 Conferences
700-799 Call Parks
8000-8999 Auto Attendants
9000-9999 Auto Attendants


Un-allowed Extension Numbers

The following extension numbers can not be used and are reserved for pre-built system features. If you must use one of these numbers please contact support and a custom dial plan can be created for a minor project fee.

001-009, 411, 700-799, 911, 933, 988, 5000, 5001