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CNAM Storage - Outbound Caller ID Name
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Christina Armesto on 06 September 2023 01:06 PM

What is CNAM Storage?

CNAM Storage is the registration of a customers name and number in a national carrier database. It helps their caller ID name appear on outbound calls.

How Does Outbound CNAM Work?

Outbound caller ID names are not delivered on calls that travel through landline and mobile networks the same way they are delivered in SIP networks. In-fact when making a call that is not delivered by pure SIP, only the number portion of the caller ID survives. The called parties carrier then performs a CNAM dip to "lookup" the name registered to the caller ID number and show it to the called party.

This is the same process RingLogix goes through when it provides caller ID name to your customers on inbound calls. 

Whenever activating a new number and in most cases after porting a number you will need to submit an Outbound CNAM entry for outbound caller ID name to work.

Please note, special characters are not accepted by carriers, only letters or digits with spaces. 

How to Submit an Outbound CNAM Record for a Phone Number.
  1. Login to the RingLogix App.
  2. Search and Select an existing Customer.
  3. Click the Numbers link on the grey menu.
  4. Click the Settings icon for the desired number.
  5. Click the Features tab and click the CNAME Storage toggle to ON.
  6. Enter the customers business name (Up to 15 characters are allowed).
  7. Once complete click Submit.


Notice: Phone Number features are based on availability of such services from RingLogix’s underlying providers. We do not guarantee that such services are available for all numbers in all serving areas.

  • CNAM Storage submissions make take up to 72 hours for the storage carrier to process.
  • It is the responsibility of the called parties provider to lookup and present the correct name to the called party. RingLogix has this same responsibility for inbound calls to its network.
  • Some providers may cache CNAM information on their network to avoid the cost of additional lookup's. This cache is usually not permanent, however, RingLogix has no control over this. 
  • If we have confirmed that the correct information has been submitted to the CNAM database and another provider is showing incorrect information they will need to resolve it on their end.