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Using "Always There" Meeting Rooms
Posted by Albert Diaz on 23 February 2021 03:03 PM
This article provides instructions on how to create and use "always there" meeting rooms.

Note: First time users must ALLOW the browsers Camera and Microphone permission request or your audio and video will not work. Camera permission are required for screen-sharing

About Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are conference bridges that are always there and running allowing users to come and go as they please without having to always create a meeting. Great for people to stay continuously connected and in constant contact with each other.

Create a Meeting Room

1. While logged into the PBX User Portal click on the Apps menu.

2. Select SNAP.HD Meetings to open the App.

3. Click Create a Meeting Room.

4. Input your general room details.

5. Add people who can be a Host for the room.

6. When complete click Save.

Join a Meeting Room

1. While on the Meetings App click the Rooms tab.

2. Find the Room you want to join and click the -> Arrow.

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