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Hot Desking (aka Hoteling)
Posted by Albert Diaz on 28 October 2021 12:03 PM
Hot Desking (aka Hoteling) is a feature that allows multiple phone users to share a single device.

This practice is common in offices where employees have a floating workspace or employees on different shifts share the same workspace.

General Concept
  • A fixed amount of devices are deployed to an office.
  • A user selects and activates the desired device. In doing so, ownership of that device is temporarily assigned to that user.
  • Activating a device will automatically log out any previously assigned user.
  • Users logging into hot-desk devices should not have their own device.
  • Any calls intended for the logged in user will now route to that device.


1. Create a Customer, activate a PBX and create Extension Users like you normally would.

2. Do NOT add any devices to the newly created Extension Users.

3. Open a ticket with the support team requesting to activate hot desking for a PBX and provide the following info:
     (a) Customer Name:
     (b) PBX Domain ID:
     (c) Number of Stations/Devices that will be deployed:

4. Once the setup has been completed by our support team, they will respond with the device details.

Activating a Device / Logging In:

1. Dial *21 from any device.

2. When prompted for an "account Number" enter your Extension Number.

3. When Prompted for a "Password" enter your Voicemail PIN.

4. The current owner will be announced and the system will prompt you to press 2 to take ownership of the device.

Releasing a Device / Logging Out

1. Dial *22 from the device.