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Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis
Posted by Marlon Sibrian, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 21 June 2023 11:34 AM

Call Transcription

In addition to call recording, our platform also supports the transcription of calls. This tool will automatically parse call recordings by user, transcribe them, and then separate the text by speaker for a visual representation of the conversation. When enabled, the call transcriptions can be accessed easily in the Call Center interface. 

Transcribed calls are managed in the Call Center. To view a transcription, find the call you wish to view, and click the "Listen" icon. This will display the Call Transcript window. 

Here you will see:

  • Who is in the call
  • Text broken down by speaker
  • Sentiment Analysis, if applicable.

Transcriptions can be downloaded as well.

Sentiment Analysis

In addition to providing the text of calls, Sentiment Analysis is available for conversations. This technology uses word choice to rate the times a speaker is being positive, negative, or neutral.

If Sentiment Analysis is active, you will see the color-coded data in both the playback bar, and to the right of the text transcription.

Sentiment is graded by text only, and maybe not reflect contextual or inflection-based sentiment. Sarcasm, for example, will not be picked up.

The colors show in the playback bar match the graded sentiment. You can scrub to listen and compare analysis. Also, the analysis is shown contextually in the conversation in the transcription.

Enable Transcription for Individual Users

You can set transcription for individual users. Once transcription has been enabled, you will have additional options in the User Profile screen.

To set recording for specific users:

  1. Log into the Portal with a user scope of Office Manager or above.
  2. Select User from the top navigation menu.
  3. Select the target user.
  4. Under the Profile tab, click on the Record User’s Calls dropdown. 
  5. Select Yes w/ Transcription to transcribe the calls. If you have sentiment analysis activated, you will have an option to add that as well
  6. Click the Save button.

View a Call Transcription

Call transcriptions reside in the Portal:

  1. Log into the Portal with a user with a scope of Office Manager or above.
  2. Navigate to Call History.
  3. Click on the Recording Speaker icon to the right of the target call.

Once you have accessed the transcription, you will be able to filter the text by speaker, or even sentiment. Click on the play bar if you wish to skip around the recording.

In addition, you can download the transcription to a csv file.