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Number Port Out Processes and Inquiries
Posted by Christina Armesto, Last modified by Taylor Lobo on 08 June 2023 03:11 PM

Port Out Processes

On Mondays, a DID Port Out Report will be sent to the authorized contact of your partition with a list of DID(s) that may have ported away from your account the week before. This ticket is not only to inform you of the port out, but to request that the DID(s) be deleted from the account. 

It is advised the following the check list below when terminating a ported DID from the account. 
1. Un-assign any devices, users, and/or routing connected to the DID from the PBX
2. Turn off all features on the DID
3. Remove routing method from the DID
4. Delete the DID from the customer record. This must be done on the from your DID Inventory. 

My customer is trying to port out and receiving a rejection. How can I assist them?

If a port out is receiving a rejection, you can open a Number Portability ticket or email with the exact details of the rejection received. 
Without knowing the rejection reason, our team will not be able to assist in resolving the issue. 

What information does my customer need to port out?

All DID(s) can used as their own Account Number and ATN/BTN. 
The Billing and Authorized Contact information must match exactly what you have in the customers Billing Profile in the portal.

What if a port out was unauthorized?

To resolve an unauthorized port out, a complete and signed LOA with the customers signature is required to snap back the number. 
Without the LOA, the carriers will not acknowledge the snap back. 

How do I know the DID has ported away?

Off-Net calls to DIDs that ported away should no longer appear in your customers call history in the RingOS system.

This can be confusing if On-Net calls are placed to DIDs that ported away and were not properly terminated after receiving a DID Port Out Report ticket.

If Off-Net calls are still hitting your customers system after porting away, please feel free to reach out to our LNP Team for assistance.

What are valid rejections for a port?

The valid rejection reasons are the same for all TNs and a rejection for non-payment is not allowed by the FCC. Here is the list of reject reasons that are accepted: 

1) Address Mismatch
2) Customer Name Mismatch
3) Unauthorized Contact or Customer Signature
4) Inactive Telephone Number
5) All Data Mismatch

If you would like further information on the FCC, please feel free to review the link below: