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**At the bottom of this KBA there is a Brand and Campaign registry downloadable form**

Below is a list of common questions around 10DLC compliance. 

Why do I need to register 10DLC campaigns?
To comply with carrier regulations, avoid message blocking, and ensure higher message deliverability and throughput for your business communications.


Will I need to apply for external vetting? In most cases, particularly when using the most common "Low Volume Mixed" use case, the answer is no. However, it depends on your actual use case and the amount of throughput you need. Brands are categorized as:

  • Pending: The Brand submission is queued and not yet processed. Campaigns cannot be created for a Brand in this state.
  • Unverified: The Brand could not be verified, often due to mismatched Legal Company Name and EIN with Federal records.
  • Verified: Required status for registering campaigns and sending messages on 10DLC. Verified brands can register campaigns.
  • Vetted Verified: Brands that have undergone external vetting and their identities have been verified.

For “Verified” brands, classes (AT&T) or tiers (T-Mobile) are assigned based on their status in the Russell 3000 list:

  • Russell 3000 Verified Brands: Automatically get the highest throughput levels for AT&T (Class A or B) and T-Mobile (Tier TOP).
  • Non-Russell 3000 Verified Brands: Start with entry-level throughput for AT&T (Class E or F) and T-Mobile (Tier LOW). These brands can improve their class/tier assignment through external vetting.


What happens if I choose not to register campaigns? Unregistered campaigns are likely to be blocked by carriers, resulting in undelivered messages and potential fines for non-compliance.


What happens after a campaign is registered? Once registered, you can assign numbers to the campaign and begin sending messages using your 10DLC number, benefiting from higher throughput and better deliverability.


How long will it take for a campaign to be approved by the carriers? Approval usually takes a few days but can vary depending on the carrier and the specifics of the campaign. Ensure all information is accurate to avoid delays. See 10DLC Campaign Vetting TIP & Tricks for helpful info.


What happens if a carrier suspends my campaign in TCR? If a campaign is suspended, outbound messages for numbers in that campaign will not be delivered until the issues are resolved and the suspension is lifted. Please note that a suspended campaign affects ALL numbers in the campaign. Further RingLogix is not automatically notified of campaign suspensions and outbound messages will not fail at the service level.


What types of vetting exist? There are two types: standard vetting for basic compliance and enhanced vetting for higher message volumes and better deliverability.


What happens if I resubmit a campaign for vetting and receive a lower score? The most recent score will apply, which may reduce your message throughput and delivery rates. It’s crucial to ensure accuracy and completeness in your initial submission.


How many phone numbers can be associated with a campaign? We currently support up to 50 numbers per campaign. However, this varies by carrier policies and the specifics of your campaign. Typically, multiple numbers can be associated, but check carrier guidelines for limits.


What if I don’t agree with the messaging class I was assigned? You can appeal the assigned messaging class through our support team who will escalate the matter to the TCR.


Which Vertical should I choose? Choose the vertical that accurately represents your business use case, as this affects compliance and deliverability. Not all verticals are clear or obvious so just select the option that makes the most sense.


Do I have to register a campaign and brand for every single customer I have? Yes, each customer must have their own brand and campaign registration to ensure proper compliance and tracking. If a customer sends messages on behalf of multiple brands (I.E. a contact center) they must register a brand for each customers they will send messages on behalf of.


Should I register with RingLogix or with TCR directly? All TCR registrations are handled though RingLogix in the RingOS dashboard. We do not support 3rd party or remote registrations at this time.


If I have two customers with similar use cases, can they be placed on the same brand or campaign? No, each customer requires separate brand and campaign registrations to ensure accurate tracking and compliance.


Is 10DLC only for SMS messages? No, 10DLC supports both SMS and MMS messages, providing a robust solution for all types of business communications.


Does 10DLC support group messaging? Yes, 10DLC supports group messaging, but all messages must comply with A2P regulations to avoid being marked as spam.


Does 10DLC apply to Canadian messaging? No, 10DLC currently applies only to U.S. messaging. Canadian messaging regulations are different and have their own requirements.



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