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Utilizing Listen, Whisper, and Barge-in
Posted by , Last modified by Albert Diaz on 07 January 2022 08:28 AM

This article demonstrates how to allow users to utilize their desk phone to dial-in to an agent's call and switch among Barge-In, Listen, and Whisper modes.
**This feature is only available upon request**

  • Listen (*40) - allows the user to listen in only. No audio will be passed to the agent or the caller they are speaking with.
  • Whisper (*41) - allows the user listening into the call to speak to the agent, however, the caller they are speaking with will not hear the person listening in.
  • Barge-In (*42) - allows the user listening into the call to have a 2-way conversation with both the agent and the caller they are speaking with.
  • A tapping session must be enabled before the toggle functionality can be invoked.
  • The default is to start the monitoring session as listen only.  
  1. To initiate a tapping session a Supervisor can dial 007+Agent Extension; (Example: 007101 and proceed to listen only on calls)
  1. After the tap has been initiated, using the above Star Codes you can toggle between modes:
    • To Barge-In to the conversation, dial star code *42 for Barge-In.
    • To Whisper only to the system agent, dial the star code *41 for Whisper.
    • To return to Listen-In only, dial the star code *40 for Listen-In.
  1. To end the session, simply hang up.