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Using Call Center Reporting
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Using Call Center Reporting

Stats Grid

  • Green = value accepted.
  • Yellow = value is within the range of your lower threshold.
  • Red = value meets or exceeds your upper threshold.
  • White = no thresholds are configured for the statistic.


Editing Stats Grid 

  1. Click settings above the stats grid. The Call Center Settings page appears.
  2. Configure the Lower and Upper Thresholds for the statistics


  1. Click the General
  2. Use the Service Level Agreement slider to specify a value that will be used to calculate the statistic. This value determines whether a call was answered in an acceptable amount of time (seconds).
  3. Click Save.



Call Center Reports

  1. On the Call Center page, click the Reports tab


  1. Select date range
  2. Use Type drop-down and select type of report

Queue Stats
: allows supervisors to view specific attributes on a queue-by-queue basis based on user-configurable attributes.

  • The drop-down list shown below allows you to select the information that will appear on the report.
  • Click the Table Settings gear to change the available configuration fields.


Agent Stats: shows various agent statistics over time.


Agent Availability: shows the availability of agents in the domain or in a department within a domain



DNIS (Dialed Number) Stats:  DNIS is a telephone service that informs the receiver about a call that the caller dialed.  The DNIS tells you which number was called.


Abandoned Calls: shows call center graphs for abandoned calls, organized by individual queues.