Troubleshoot Direct Routing Setup and Sync
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Look here for information on what and where to check when experiencing issues with Direct Routing.

Viewing Setup and Sync Logs

1. Every time a Global Admin logs in to perform a Setup or a Sync, several API and PowerShell tasks are performed.

2. These tasks are done in batches and each batch creates a log with all the details.

3. When viewing the log list, each batch will show a final status of Success or Failed.

4. Clicking the batch will expand it, showing all the tasks and their individual statuses.

5. To see the list of logs click the Info icon next to the Sync Status.

The Microsoft platform often experiences delays in processing certain task. This can cause subsequent tasks to fail or timeout. If this occurs the system will try again and attempt to successfully complete the entire batch.

In general most batch operations can complete in 5-30 minutes. However, if a delay occurs it may take up to 24-48 hours.

When Opening a Ticket for Direct Routing Help

1. First allow the Microsoft system enough time to process your changes. Troubleshooting while a change is in flight can cause more complicated issues. 

2. Please make sure to review the logs first. Many issues can be resolved quickly by looking at the most recent log. Logs for some common issues are listed below.

3. Make sure that the person opening the ticket is or has direct access to a Global Admin login for the affected tenant. RingLogix staff does not have access to your Tenants Microsoft account.

4. Please include any logs you feel are relevant in the body of the ticket.

Sample Logs for Common Issues

No Spare License for the "Activation User"

Good Setup But No Users with Phone System Licenses

Sample Logs for Successful Tasks

Found New Users With Phone System Licenses

Assigned a Phone Number to a User

Remove a Phone Number from a User

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