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Granular Reporting in Call Center
Posted by Marlon Sibrian, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 21 June 2023 11:27 AM

This overview will explore the additional details are now available for the reports generated in the Call Center.  

The statistics available in the Call Center reporting screen has been updated with much greater granularity. The information on the individual calls in each statistic can be accessed and investigated if need be.

Additionally an addition statistic is available:  Callback. This stat will count calls that use the callback feature.

Reports Screen

In the Portal, navigate to Call Center, and press the Reports button. The Reports screen itself has been updated slightly. 

As you can see, statistics under each of the columns in the reports table are now clickable. Select the stat you would like a more granular view of. 

If you select Call Volume, you'll find a list of every call involved in that statistic.

From here, you can investigate individual calls using the tools at the right:

  • Download Voicemail
  • Listen to Voicemail
  • Cradle to Grave call tracing
  • Edit notes and dispositions
  • Full call trace

In addition, the call information can be printed, or downloaded as a csv.