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SIP Trunk Billing and Max Call Paths
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 06 September 2018 12:02 AM
The RingLogix Platform enables partners to bill and manage max call paths on any SIP Trunk service. 

Each SIP Trunk service will have its own Max Call Paths setting and assigned Subscriptions.

Manage SIP Trunk Billing and Max Call Paths.

1. Log in to the RingLogix portal and select a Customer from the Search screen.

2. Go to the SIP Trunk page and click the Settings icon for the Trunk you want to manage.

3. Go to the Billing tab.

4. The increase or reduce the usable call paths (think of it as how many "lines" they have), click Edit on Max Call Paths make your changes then click Save.

5. To Add a new Subscription click the Click to Add button.
  • Select the new Subscription from the Name menu.
  • If allowed and needed enter a Quantity (Usually only done for 1 unit subscriptions)
  • The Monthly Fee is the default monthly amount that will be charged.
  • If applicable enter a discount. This will be deducted from the monthly fee.
  • Select a Start Date. This is when the subscription will activate.
  • Once ready click Save Changes.

6. To Delete an Active or Accidentally inserted Subscription click the Delete icon.

*Note: For more information on billing and subscription management please see the Billing Engine category of articles.