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How to Submit Feature Request
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Daniel Diaz on 21 June 2023 11:38 AM

This article provides RingLogix Partners with guidance on how to submit effective feature request and what to expect afterwards.

The goal is to ensure your great ideas are organized and submitted in such a way that our developers and product managers can effectively review them.

This helps determine if and how this feature request can be delivered, what resources are needed, and what underlying systems or code it may affect. It also gives our support team the opportunity to determine if your request is achievable today via an existing feature, settings you may not be aware of or some other admin level customization. 

Please note... Our development road map is typically scheduled 6+/- months in advance with allowances for expedited repairs of critical software functions. While all ideas are welcomed and encouraged, we cannot guarantee that your feature request will be accepted or that updates will be provided on a regular basis. 

Getting Started.

1. Prepare the information you will need to submit your request.
What software page, main service or feature does this relate to?
b.) Describe your request in detail.
c.) How does this feature benefit you, your customer and/or other resellers?
d.) How many customers need this feature?
e.) How critical is this feature to your customers or business? 
*You MUST copy and paste ALL these questions with answers into your request to avoid any delays.

2. Submit your request using this form.

3. After your request is submitted:
a.) A support member will review your request and attempt to find an immediate solution.
b.) If an immediate solution is available a support member will contact you to discuss your options.
c.) If an immediate solution is NOT possible then your request will be added to the Feature Request queue where it will begin its evaluation process.
*Should your request not apply to software developed directly by RingLogix (i.e. Netsapiens or PortaOne) then we will forward it to the appropriate vendor where it will follow their processes and policies.

4. During the Evaluation Process:

a.) If your feature request is accepted then an internal JIRA # will be assigned to it, possibly with estimate on what software version it may be included in.
b.) If your feature request is NOT accepted then the appropriate response and reason will be provided.

5. What if I have a feature request that is not accepted or takes longer than I need?
It depends. If you have development resources of your own, we can schdule a call with a product manager who can guide you on what RingLogix APIs you can use to create your own solution. Further, under some circumstances RingLogix may be able to offer development resources on a time and material basis. RingLogix, however, can not recommend any developers.