Activate a Direct Routing Service in RingLogix
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 26 February 2021 05:54 PM
This article shows you how to activate and setup the teams directing routing service for a customer.

Activate and Setup a Teams Direct Routing Service

1. Search and select the Customer you want to activate the service for.

2. Click the Teams service icon on the left side menu

3. Click the Activate button.

4. Input the following fields:

     a. Trunk Name: A basic description like "main office"
     b. Max Calls: This is how many call paths the customer has access to.
     c. Plan: This is the minute plan that is shared by al the users like "Unlimited Calling" 
     c. Price: Click this button to add the Subscriptions you want to apply.

5. When finished click Save Changes

6. Make sure you have followed the Getting Ready Instructions before continuing. This is a requirement or the setup will not work.

7. Once ready click the Setup button. This will open a Microsoft login window. Per the getting ready instructions, login with a Global Admin User in the tenants Microsoft account. If you do not have access to a global admin the customer can complete this step from their portal.

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