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Introduction to Local Number Portability
Posted by Christina Armesto, Last modified by Taylor Lobo on 29 March 2022 11:49 AM

What is Local Number Portability (LNP)?

Local Number Portability is the transferring of Telephone Numbers from one carrier to another.

In order for numbers to process a port order, RingLogix requires the following information be provided in a signed LOA (Legal Order of Authorization). An example of RingLogix LOA template can be found in the ‘Start Selling’ zip folder provided to resellers.


  1. Company Name
    1. This is the name of the company as it appears in the Losing Carriers records. Sometimes a customer may have opened the account using their Full Name.
  2. Authorized Contact Full Name in Print & Signature
    1. RingLogix LNP Team cannot process a manual port order without a signed LOA provided in the ticket. The Authorized Contact for an account would be the account holder for these services.
  3. Service Address
    1. An address listed on the account where services are provided. This is sometimes, but not always, different from the Billing Address.
  4. Account Number
    1. The account number is the identifier for carriers to confirm the location of services for an account. This can sometimes, but not always, be the same as the number porting.
  5. Account PIN Code (not always required)
    1. Some carriers require a PIN Code upon submission of a port, else it cannot be submitted.
  6. Account Billing Telephone Number (BTN) or otherwise known as an ATN (Account Telephone Number)
    1. This is the number that is the main line on the account. If there is a port with only one number on the account, it is safe to assume that this number would also be its own BTN.
  7. Desired Port Activation Date (also not required)
    1. Some carriers will require 5, 7, or even 14 business time-period to process ports. It is, for this reason, the dates available will fluctuate between port orders.
    2. A specific date requested by the customer for activation. If a date is not specified, the default date of selection should be 7-days from the submission date.
    3. If a customer request for another port date after an FOC is granted, changes CANNOT be made within 48-hours of the current FOC date.

If a port receives a rejection for any reason regarding the account information provided, it is highly advised that the customer request for a Customer Service Record (CSR).

When should I expect to receive a FOC or Confirmation on the port?

Losing carriers typically respond 3-5 business days to a port request.

Some carriers may take longer depending on their flow and queue of requests.

If a port is in ‘Pending’ status for a long period of time, it is recommended to have the customer reach out to their carrier for a status update or request a response to the port order.


What time do ports complete/activate?

All ports are set to automatically complete at 10AM ET (9AM CT |  8AM MT } 7AM PT)

A customer can request for another time of completion between the hours of 10AM EST and 4PM EST via a Ticket.

This timeframe is to fit the working office hours our carriers.  No ports can complete outside these office hours as it can risk a lot of issues and having no assistance if an issue were to arise.


Can a requested FOC be updated after a port is submitted?

Yes, a ports Desired Due Date can be edited after a ports submitted. 

Can a new FOC be requested after a confirmation has been granted?

So long as a port order is not being updated within 48-hours of the current completion date, an new FOC can be requested. 
That being said, it is to be noted that this would cause the port to lose the current FOC, which cannot be reversed once updated. 
The reseller must be informed that their current FOC would be lost and a second confirmation of their request is recommended in the case that they change their mind. 

Once updated, the port will be in 'Pending-Submitted' status until the Losing Carrier 

How to Cancel an LNP Port?

It is important to note that ports cannot be cancelled within 48-hours of a confirmation date.
This can lead to risks of breaking a port and losing the numbers altogether from either of the carriers. 

Automated ports can be cancelled in the LNP Portal or requested on the ticket for manual ports.