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1. Training - Getting Started Initial Settings
Posted by Albert Diaz, Last modified by Albert Diaz on 20 August 2018 05:09 PM

This article is a starting guide for all new partners. It will walk you through configuring your initial platform settings and get you started with your training. Your assigned training representative will reference this article during your on-boarding process and use it as a guide. 

The information is broken into 3 sections.
  1. Initial Setup: This will help you get you and your system ready to go live.
  2. Portal Training: Will teach you how to navigate the RingLogix app, add customers and activate services.
  3. Service Training: Provides detailed information on how to manage each service.

This article will cover the Initial Setup steps listed below.

Please review each step in order. Once you are complete you may proceed to section 2. Portal Training.

Should you need any help please try using our live help or open a ticket with our help desk.

Initial Setup Steps
  1. Check your company profile
  2. Create Staff Logins
  3. Setup your branding
  4. Add your payment method
  5. Make your first deposit and confirm the card was entered correctly
  6. Setup auto your auto-pay
  7. Get to know the billing system
  8. Activate a credit card integration

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